Space, the final frontier. This space is stopped at the border of 500 GB, but nobody is going to complain. Seagate has announced the Satellite GoFlex companion hard drive for IPAD for $ 199.99. And best of all it's wireless!

Particularly aimed at film fans, the unit can be used by people with lots of music, pictures or other files too. Appealing to the practicality, Seagate does not reveal an impressive 500 GB of storage space to mention up to 300 movies. These are not specifications, discusses how to use the iPad.

The iPad comes in different storage capacities of memory, 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. Using an external hard drive with an IPAD is not a new idea, but their use of wireless is a nice feature of many people can enjoy and benefit. Users can manage file transfers to and from the satellite GoFlex going to the configuration section in your IPAD to ensure that an ad network to Wi-Fi personal GoFlex present.

Wi-Fi 500 GB hard drive iPad - 2

There is a USB cable that allows the user to connect the hard drive to a Mac or PC. It can transfer files from your computer to the external drive and then uploaded to the IPAD through a wireless signal. The unit acts as a wireless access point, but only serves the files and no Internet.

You can enjoy watching movies wirelessly to up to 5 hours of your current battery and 3 separate devices through the unit. Operate with other devices like the iPhone and the iPod, too.

Pre-order the satellite GoFlex now through amazon.com or bestbuy.com. The external drive is expected to be released in July.


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