iPhone 3G unlock gets a massive step closer

Although Apple tried desperately hard to lock out the iPhone Dev Team from ever being able to software unlock the iPhone 3G, the latest video from the Dev Team shows a software 3G unlock is closer than ever!

Have you been patiently waiting for an iPhone 3G unlock to appear?

Well, you’re not alone – millions have wanted a free unlock solution from the iPhone Dev Team, Geohot, Ziphone Zibri or anyone else smart enough to make the unlock happen.

While no 3G unlock has yet been made available, the iPhone Dev Team has posted a video in its blog showing “Custom application execution on the PBM8878”, with the PBM8878 being the “baseband processor” inside the iPhone 3G.

The video shows a connection to the iPhone 3G via SSH, the kernel version, a connection to the basebase, the display of baseband information and then the Dev Team’s PMB8878 baseband tool which is invoked using a “custom AT command”.

Read the whole article @ IT Wire

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