Free iPhone App uses Pictures to Provide Product Pricing, Info

SnaptellHere's a free iPhone application that's sure to get some use from me this holiday season. It's called SnapTell Explorer because you snap a product's picture and it tells you what the product costs at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Using the mediocre camera on my iPhone, I snapped a picture of "The Audacity of Hope" that I'm reading now. Sure enough, even with a marginal picture, SnapTell correctly identified the book and provided me relevant links to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Wikipedia, as well as Google and Yahoo!.

The technology behind the application is geared to work through the inevitable blur that's common with quick snaps from a cameraphone:

"Our technology works effectively on photos taken with almost all camera phones in the world wide market, including phones on the lower end of the market that have VGA cameras or relatively low resolution (640x480) cameras. Also, our matching server can handle photos taken in real life conditions that have a lot of issues including lighting artifacts, focus blur, motion blur, perspective distortion and incomplete overlap with the database image. Our technology works in a wide variety of real life scenarios including those of consumers taking photos of magazine print ads, outdoor billboards, posters, product packaging, branded cans, bottles and logos.

Read the whole article @ JK on the Run

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