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In the past year or so I’ve made two major purchases. One of these purchases was my new gaming rig which is used everyday when I’m at home. The other purchase was my iPhone which I use everyother place I go whether it be in a long car ride…..or in the back of Trigonometry when our teacher is talking about ‘God knows what’. The point being that I have scoured near every popular free app there is and that is how I make my mark with these, my top 10 free iPhone apps.

Remote10. Remote- This application created by Apple was created to allow an iPhone owner to sync their iPhone with their iTunes library. I find myself using this when I lie in bed not wanting to get up and turn on some tunes from my computer that’ll liven me up and begin the day. Although it is number 10, it is still a good app.

Pandora9. Pandora Radio- For those of you who don’t know, Pandora Radio is an online music genome. Meaning that the site owns hundreds of music licenses that allow you the user to pick the style of music you want to hear and the website searching through it’s many databases to acquire you the perfect play list. I strongly recommend this app for long trips so you don’t find yourself searching through staticy stations every 30 miles down the road. For use of this application without wifi I recommend you have the 3G iPhone as the regular iphone’s Edge network is limited to how fast it can receive data leaving awkward buffering silences in the middle of the solo for “Don’t Stop Believing”.

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