Samsung intros SL102 / SL420 point-and-shoots, no one notices

Samsung intros SL102 / SL420 point-and-shoots, no one noticesSamsung has already thrown most of its excitement out here at CES, and after looking at the SL102 and SL420, you might argue that 'most' should actually be 'all.' Nah, there's nothing intrinsically awful about either of these 10.2 megapixel shooters, but they're certainly amongst the most ho hum delivered at the show. Both of the SL-Series devices also offer up Face Detection, rechargeable Li-ion batteries and Digital Image Stabilization technology. As for differences, the SL102 packs a 3x optical zoom and a 2.5-inch LCD, while the SL402 includes a 2.7-inch LCD monitor and a 5x optical zoom. Like we said, pretty boring, but we don't doubt their ability to get the job done if it really came down to it.

(Via Engadget.)


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