Tap Tap Revenge: Best Free iPhone Game Yet?

Furiously tap to the beat of some great tunes in this game inspired by Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution. But leave the tap shoes at home; just bring your iPhone.

Talk about addictive. Free iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge has an instantly-familiar interface to anyone who's ever played Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Supplied music tracks play in the background, and colored dots rain down from the top of the screen to the bottom. When the dots intersect the white bar along the bottom of the screen, you have to tap the dot. When an arrow scrolls down, you have to jerk the phone to the left, right, or down, depending on the arrow, as if tapping an invisible object.

There are four difficulty levels, with Extreme foisting a literal shower of dots down upon you. Tilting the phone doesn't register with the same degree of accuracy as tapping, though, making the tilting bits an exercise in frustration. It would be nice if there were a screen-based option that could take the place of moving the phone, such as tapping at the edges of the screen.

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