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Welcome, brave trawlers. It'll no doubt warm your winter-battered souls to learn the App Store's waters have been positively brimming with free puzzle titles this week.

Sure, it's always nice to have a high profile freebie flop onto the Trawler's deck, as we've had in the last few weeks with the great Rolando and sneak-peek Super Monkey Ball lite versions, but in a way the dominance of relative underdog titles this week has been refreshing.

So sit up, sip your brew and take a look what the net's brought in...

By On the Rocks
What is it? It's a cute cake-guzzling accelerometer game
Type Demo

In this simple-but-slick accelerometer game, you control a little feline candy monster as it scurries around a maze, chomping any goodies that it finds. You need to avoid the maze's icy-looking walls though, or you'll have to restart the level.

This lite version contains two of the full game's ten worlds, but since there are a handful of levels in each world, it's plenty to be getting on with. Get on with the cake munching, greedy gamers!

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