Free iPhone apps: Top 40 best utilities for iPhone and iPod Touch

f you’ve enjoyed our previous top 40 games for the iPhone, you’ll make good use of this list of Top 40 free iPhone utilities. The apps work well with both the iPhone and iPod Touch. And all of these applications are available at no cost from the iTunes store. Just touch the App Store icon on the main screen of your iPhone or Touch, and then select Search. Apps are in alphabetical order.

# Fonts - This application is most useful for iPhone app developers who want to see what fonts are available for the iPhone and how these fonts appear at various sizes. It doesn’t change your iPhone’s default font setting though.

Alarm Free – This is a nifty tool to have. It sends an alarm in times of emergency. This app features a freefall detector.

Compass Free – Like the name says, it’s a compass. This app might keep you from getting lost.

Country Codes – This gives the two letter identifier codes for countries included in the ISO 3166 country codes. It’s useful for anyone, but especially for iPhone app developers.

Days Until – This app lets you create countdowns for special occasions or events on your iPhone’s calendar. The features include 16 Phone fonts, 12 text colors, zooming or shrinking display texts, specific date selection and more.

DIT - I would have to admit that this is a pretty cool application despite its simplicity. It lets you write the telephone number of the person you are calling instead of typing it with the virtual keyboard. The handwriting recognition used by this application is accurate. After writing the number on your screen using your finger, you can quickly call it.

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