5 killer Backgrounder apps to keep going on your Free iPhone

If this sounds like a battery killer, well, it is. When used the right way, however, Backgrounder lets you multitask short-term visits to whatever app strikes your interest while running the important stuff in the background.

True, some (but not all) of these background apps may get used when you’re near power sources: at your desk or in the car for example. But others will not, and many apps are just as useful on the go. It’s obviously a trade-off: shorter usage life versus higher productivity when taking advantage of Backgrounder’s features.

The trick lies in choosing the right apps to background. Yes this might mean backgrounding apps where going through the launch sequence and menus is a pain. If you don’t want to interrupt a game, it’s convenient to background it, take care of another task and then pop back a few minutes later. For the sake of this post, however, I’m talking about apps that you might stick in the background for longer sessions, the really core stuff that you want to keep going on while you do other things.

Here is a list of our top five killer Backgrounder applications, and why you would want these to keep running when you’re busy doing other things.

1. Pandora

Ah, Pandora, my love. Backgrounding you is like having a little angel of music sit on my shoulder at all times. Apple’s built-in iPod/Music application may also offer background music, but it doesn’t offer the music exploration features that power the Music Genome Project. Pandora uses song analysis to create suggestions and introduce you to music you’ve never heard before. With Backgrounder, Pandora plays new music as you get on with other iPhone work.

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