Free iPhone Apps Roundup for March 13th, 2009

It was another slow week on the App Store, no big name freebies, but I still managed to dig up some cool free apps and games. Check them out.
  • Faces Visual Dialer Lite - Sick of how you access your contacts on your iPhone? This app lets you tap faces to call, SMS, email, map etc. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to fit all three of your friends on here (it actually supports up to 24).
  • iPuppy Chihuahua Lite - As if your life didn’t demand enough out of you already, you can punish yourself further with a virtual pet. And not just any virtual pet, no, the most clich├ęd and irritating of them all: the chihuahua. The day I find a chihuahua fending for itself in the wild, preferably in a pack, is the day I’ll start respecting it as an animal.
  • Comic Touch Lite - Add comic style word balloons to your pictures for instant humor. I mean come on, you know what your cat is thinking, so you’d better stamp it on the picture so the whole world can know, too.
  • 3D Brick Breaker Revolution Free - Why break bricks in 2D when 3D bricks are clearly 50% better than 2D bricks? Yeah, I’m not sure either. This free version gives you 8 levels in the extreme Classic Mode.
  • Edge Lite - Personally, this kind of game would make me irate, but I’m sure some of you would enjoy it. No, the game, not me getting irate. Geez. Basically, you push a cube around a “geometric universe.“ Five free levels, and five free songs to listen to while playing.
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