iPhone 3.0 Wish List: Accessory-Powered Apps We Want

Forget copy-and-paste. The real seed of innovation planted in the upcoming iPhone 3.0 upgrade is the OS's ability to interact with special accessories via Bluetooth and the dock connector.
Here's why you should care: There are endless possibilities for app-accessory combos — so many, in fact, that we're going out on a limb and coining a phrase to describe the field: dongleware.

Here's a good example from Apple's recent iPhone 3.0 event: an insulin meter that communicates with a diabetes application for the iPhone. Now, with an iPhone in her pocket hooked to the meter, a diabetes patient can check her glucose levels and plan out her meals and insulin injections using live data. Tell us that isn't intriguing — and that's just scratching the surface.

With the App Store burgeoning into a billion-dollar industry, and the iPod and iPhone accessory market also surpassing a billion dollars a year, you can be assured iPhone developers will leap on this opportunity to push innovation to new heights. IPhone 3.0 could open doors to significant advancements in home entertainment, the medical field and even the military.

IPhone 3.0's huge potential fired up our imaginations, dreaming up a list of accessory-powered apps we'd like to see. It's not long, as we'd like you readers to submit and vote on suggestions, too. What better way to tell developers which apps will help them strike it rich in the App Store?

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