Play.com’s Sim Free iPhone Explained

No doubt, like me, you’ve been reading about the deal that Play.com have been offering regarding sim free iPhones.

There were a number of factors that people were concerned with, such as:

  • Where was the stock coming from?
  • Is it all legit?
  • Perhaps the biggest - Would the iPhones be covered by Apple’s warranty should things go pear?

Play stresses that these aren’t ‘unlocked’ but totally new and sim free - so totally available to use on all networks and not unlocked from a certain network.

All the devices are legit, kosher and on the level. A spokesman for Play.com explained that the stock ‘is available due to EU legislation ensuring the sale of sim-free mobile phones’ and ‘…comes with a full manufacturer warranty.’

Read the whole article @ Gadgety News

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