Samsung NX Series Hybrid Camera

Samsung NX Series Hybrid Camera

Samsung NX Series Hybrid Camera

Samsung's NX Series could be the first hybrid camera in the world, with the Korean company's top priority being revolutionizing the overall Bridge concept while offering actual DLSR image quality in a body that is more suited for point-and-shoot purposes. Just like conventional DSLRs, the NX Series will rely on an APS C-sized image sensor for a larger surface area to gather light which results in higher-quality images. There is no mirror box with the NX Series though, as it will use an ultra-precise Electronic Viewfinder (EVF) instead. This enables Samsung engineers to reduce the size and weight of this new system significantly as the distance between the lens and image sensor is decreased by around 60% in comparison with standard DSLRs. More news on the NX Series will be revealed when PMA kicks off.

(Via UberGizmo, the Gadgets News Blog.)


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