Trio of Lawsuits Allege iPhone Built on Foundation of Infringement

Apple is slammed with three separate patent claims

Google's CEO Eric Schmidt once famously said, "We get sued every day." If Apple, known for pursuing a bit of litigation of its own, plans on continuing to make the iPhone, it might consider adopting such a motto.

While Apple's iPhone is a veritable commercial success, it has been a thorny legal challenge for Apple. From users angry about its controlling tactics, to intellectual property holders suing over the phone's features the iPhone has not taken the easy road when it comes to litigation.

Apple has just been hit by not one, but three patent suits from different firms. The first comes from Affinity Lab of Texas (not related to the Monster Subsidiary, Affinity Labs), which claims that Apple violated three of its patents. The first is a patent on sending music wirelessly to portable devices. The next patent is on using wireless connections or cellular services to stream, browse, and/or download content. The final patent is on docking a hardware device to send music to it -- which Affinity Lab of Texas claims the iPod Touch and iPhone violate.

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