Wolfenstein 3D is not a Free iPhone Game

Get ready to kick some Nazi butt -- on your iPhone

When it comes to the gaming industry, few names are as loved or revered as John Carmack. Mr. Carmack launched ID games, literally hand-coding most of the original Wolfenstein 3D and Doom games. The optimizations he fathered in the Quake and Doom series set a high bar for engines to come. Thus when Mr. Carmack announced he was working on a new game for the iPhone, the gaming community naturally took note.

Now that game has been released at last, and it turns out that Mr. Carmack has breathed new life into an old favorite. In the end, Mr. Carmack has created a hardware-optimized version of the classic Wolfenstein 3D. The game first started as a port of the Java cell phone game Wolfenstein RPG. Faced with software rendering inefficiencies, Mr. Carmack took matters into his own hands, finishing code for a hardware-optimized Wolfenstein RPG in only four days, when it was estimated to take a full development team 2 months.

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