100+ FREE iPhone Applications you gotta have on your iPhone/iPod Touch

Everyone knows there are thousands of thousands of iPhone application in iTunes and lots more new keep coming every day. Ultimately it has become really very tough to decide which one to use and which one to let go.

What I am trying today is to provide you a list of over 100 iPhone applications which you definitely need to have on your iPhone. Or at least you can choose what is best for you.
Let me tell you that upfront that there are some apps which you can get only on a jailbroken iPhone because they are not available through Apple iTunes Store. These apps are available only through Cydia.

Below you will find the the applications categorized based on what they are useful for and their functionality along with a jist of similar applications: (All App links open in iTunes)
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Social Networking Based Applications:
  1. Facebook: A MUST have application for all Facebook fans. Almost everything you can do via web you can do from your iPhone.
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Skype
  4. Brightkite
  5. Vringo
Twitter Based Applications: (Choose one)
  1. Nambu: Nambu is a better application for all Twitter lovers because it lets you manage Twitter, Frienfeed, Ping.fm, Tr.im and Pic.im networks from a single app. So you don't have to install various apps for these services.
  2. Twitterrific
  3. TwitterFon: One of my favorite app for Twitter.
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