Apple Patent Hints At iPhone With Video Chat, Motion Awareness

A before an after image from Apple's new patent shows how the interface will enlarge text for easier reading and navigation when the user is in motion (Source: Apple Insider)

Third generation or fourth generation iPhones appear poised to deploy some interesting technologies

With the impending release of the iPhone OS v3.0, speculation about a possible third generation iPhone hardware release is also growing; after all, both of Apple's past iPhone OS releases were accompanied by new handsets. When it comes to the new handset, there’s plenty of room for improvement -- more memory capacity, faster processor, better camera, and perhaps a faster network connection.

The more interesting questions are what other hardware surprises the new iPhone handset could have in store. After all, despite its revolutionary software interface, the phone lags behind competitors in some hardware areas -- such as the quality of its camera and lack of video support.

The icons will also be enlarged, allowing the user to be able to click them more easily. (Source: Apple Insider)

Two new patents from Apple hint that the company may have some new hardware up its sleeve according to Apple Insider. The first patent discusses interfaces to be used while the person is in motion. This patent calls for new motion based gestures that would allow you to navigate the phone intuitively without seeing it, using actions such as a flicking the phone. The interface could be useful for people who use their iPhones while jogging or driving, allow them to make calls or change music with minimal distraction. Apple says that onscreen or bezel buttons could help decide the input mode and eliminate unintentional commands during normal use.

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