How to Sync Data with an IPhone

Can your data appear in two places at once? With a little sleight of hand and the help of some smart apps, you can access your calendar, your files, and even your Mac's desktop from just about anywhere.

Control your Mac

You need to start a backup but you're miles away from your Mac? Much as you can control another Mac using Leopard's Screen Sharing feature, you can control a Mac from your iPhone. The means for doing so is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client such as ReadPixel's $7 RemoteTap ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ). A VNC client places a tiny version of a Mac's display on the iPhone's screen, which you can control by dragging and tapping.

(Image Caption: Put your Mac desktop on your iPhone with Remote Tap) Because your remote Mac is doing the work, you can also use your VNC client to send yourself documents or view files that otherwise would not display on the iPhone. Just open the file remotely on your Mac and use the stretch gesture to enlarge and view it.

Access your files from afar

(Image Caption: FarFinder lets you browse your Mac's folders via the Web.) If you don't need to control your Mac, but you do want to be able to grab files from it, Flying Mac's $35 FarFinder is a better alternative to a VNC client. FarFinder lets you use a Web browser (a free iPhone application awaits Apple approval) to navigate your Mac in a Finder-like view-far easier than trying to fit your Mac's entire screen on your iPhone's tiny display. You can e-mail files to yourself, or in some cases even view files (images and PDFs, for example) in the browser. But keep in mind that your computer has to be turned on for this to work.

[via CIO]

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