iTrivia: Five free iPhone/iPod apps to know your facts

If you're a trivia addict and have some time you need to kill, the App Store at Apple has more than enough trivia apps to meet your needs. Most are reasonably priced at around 99 cents to $1.99 and there are lots of categories including science, space and the United States.

If you're type who just likes random trivia, there are also several free apps that provide a nice range of trivia. I've listed them in order of what I think are the best to the worst. If you like to fill your iPhone and iPod Touch, then get them all. If you're just looking for one, this may help you pick the one that will make you happy.

Mark Montecalvo

PROS: This was my favorite of the apps based on the fact that it separates its trivia into nine categories, so you can choose depending on what you're in the mood for. It has a smaller font, but is still easy to read. One button let's you choose if you want to move in sequence or randomly. Moving to the next fact only takes a tap of the picture on the screen.

CONS: The pictures take up half the screen, sacrificing the chance to make the words larger and they are pointless since they never relate to the trivia. A fact about Ewan McGregor was accompanied by a picture of a baby. That same baby also appears on other facts. If the app dropped the pictures and bumped up the font size, it would be perfect.

There are two apps in the store named Facts. This one has a button with a light bulb in in.


Charles Jamerlan

PROS: 6,001 facts that each have a number, so you know how far you've progressed through the list. This app also allows you to save your favorites to look back or share with others. It has a fairly large font that isn't too difficult to read. Two buttons make it easy to move forward and backward through the trivia and you also have the option to go through them randomly.

CONS: Once you hit the "Random" button, you have no hope back of getting to a specific fact. You have to keep hitting random until you get near or go forward or backward from there. Facts are written on a chalkboard graphic, so it has a matching font. If you're opposed to comic-book type fonts, you won't like this.

An ad-free version is available for 99 cents. The paid version is also updated with more facts to take you beyond the 6,001 mark.

[via Examiner]

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