Plan Your Wedding with 16 of the Very Best iPhone Apps

Wedding planning on your iPhone could not be easier. Throw away all those binders and files, and keep everything you need at your fingertips. I’ve worked with a lot of brides around the country, and these are the top 16 iPhone apps that couples use to help them plan their wedding. Some of these wedding apps are free, some cost a few dollars, and some of them are even included with the iPhone.

I’ve also worked out the very best way to get the most out of the standard iPhone apps. Did you know that you can create a group of your top wedding venues with links to their location on a map? How about linking your favorite photographers contact info with their blogs and websites.

Why the top 16 wedding iPhone apps? This way you can organize all the little chicklets onto a single screen for easy access and reference. (Hint: to move the iPhone app icons simply hold your finger on an app for 2-3 seconds until they start to squiggle (and a little x appears above each one), and then touch the icon and drag it to where you want it to be. If you hit the x you will be asked if you want to delete. Once you have everything in place, click the main button, and the squiggling will stop.)

All these apps can be downloaded right from your iPhone or using iTunes.

[via Erichegwer]

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