Sharpen Your Brain Using 10 Free iPhone Apps

If you have some time on your hands, there are some great applications that can be great to keep you sharp and on your toes. If you want to make good use of your time, then there are some excellent applications to help you do just that.

1. Weird Laws – If you want to keep up with or research some of the craziest laws out there, this application is for you. You can be the source of all trivia with this application and wow people with your knowledge.

2. Discovery Channel – If you are a follower of the Discovery Channel or simply want to keep up with some interesting trends or information, this can bring great insight. You can expect from this free iPhone application what you expect out of the TV station so the information is endless.

3. Mind Reader – Prepared to be “wowed” as this application reads your mind and spits back some interesting information at you. This may be a game but it definitely involves some ideas that are sure to keep you sharp.

4. Tap Word – Another game but one to keep you on your toes! Here you can use your iPhone to perform a word search and keep sharp even in the most dulling circumstances. This is one to keep with you for the anytime challenge.

5. Doodle Buddy – This is a great way to keep sharp because nothing shows your talents like art. You can express yourself artistically with this application and keep sharp as it allows you to have an excellent outlet. Sure to break up a boring day too!

6. NPR News – For the person who wants to stay on the go no matter where they go, this educational station can travel with you for free. Keep up with your love of NPR News or just get introduced to it with this application.

7. Crack the Code Free – This is an excellent way to keep your mind sharp because you have to really work at cracking the code. This is an excellent game of skill and knowledge and works with your skill so you are constantly on your toes.

8. Wikipedia Mobile – If you want to keep in touch with everything that you’ve ever wanted to know and be the bearer of all trivia and knowledge, keep this traveling online encyclopedia with you at all times.

9. Myths and Facts Free – Ever wanted to decipher between fact and fiction but never have the time? If you have time on your hands, this is a great application to use to keep up with what is true and what is totally false.

10. Chess Free – No game can test your knowledge better than chess, so this is a great game to keep with you. This application can teach you a thing or two about the game and keep you intrigued.

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