Hasselblad 50 and 60 MP H4D Cameras

Hasselblad 50 and 60 MP H4D Cameras

hasselbladh4d lg1 Hasselblad 50 and 60 MP H4D Cameras

Hasselblad cameras aren’t the cameras of choice to snap casual candids at the weekend house party, but if you’re a serious photographer looking for an uncompromising set-up, these new upgrades for its H system camera line are certainly a good choice. The most exciting upgrade of the H4D cameras is True Focus-a true off-center autofocus system that uses a yaw rate sensor to detect and compensate for horizontal and vertical movement away from the focus. Automatic adjustment is available for image qualities such as color and vignetting. The camera can connect to a computer via FireWire to bypass internal storage, and features newly-upgraded version of Hasselblad’s Phocus software that will run faster. Here’s where we get to the average-cameramen-need-not-apply portion of the show: the 50MP H4D-50 will run $29,299 and be available in January while the 60MP H4D-60 will be available in November for $42,486.

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