Kodak's First Touchscreen Camera Shoots 720p, Goes By "Slice"

Kodak's First Touchscreen Camera Shoots 720p, Goes By "Slice"

Kodak's first wave of cameras basically embodied the commodity point-and-shoot: they were cheap, simple, and not particularly good. The Slice, their first touchscreen P&S, is their first attempt at something better.

The Slice is the only camera that stands out in Kodak's new P&S line, not just for its touchscreen, but for its price. $350 gets you 14MP still shots and 720p, 30fps video, optical image stabilization, a Lithium Ion battery, and facial recognition and tagging. It's a sleek little slice slab of phone, but honestly, touchscreen point-and-shoot isn't?

$350 isn't play money, and it edges dangerously close to high-end point-and-shoot territory, where it'd have to compete with the likes of the Canon S90, which seems like a pretty terrible idea. But with these kinds of cameras—that is, featureless rectangular prisms that are supposed to take pictures—the proof in in the pictures. [Kodak]


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