iPhone 5 Design to Be the Same as Its Case Leaked

Do you like the design of the iPhone 4? Of course not all of iPhone fans like the design but some are indeed like its previous design. However seem like it is not yet time for Apple to be ready for the new design of its iPhone 5. According to the iPhone 5 case, the design is the same.

iPhone 5 Design to Be the Same as Its Case Leaked

Recently Alibaba has just unveiled the case of its iPhone 5 even there is no official confirmation about the designation from Apple. Just forget about Apple and let’s take a look at this new case. Of course everyone is very much interesting and would give spend time to find out the next generation iPhone design.

With the case we can confirm that the iPhone 5 is very similar to the iPhone 4 since the ready slot on the case are exactly the same as iPhone 4 case. Those slots are for LED flash, leep and wake button, earphone jack holes and SIM card slot.

However I would like to like to go back to White iPhone 4 which is scheduled to be available in Spring according to Phil Schiller vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple. If the iPhone 5 case is available in the market so it won’t to too long to wait. Who gonna buy White iPhone 4 while iPhone 5 is close to the market.


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