Blackberry??..Nah!! it's more interesting. This is about other Smartphone. If you’ve been holding off on upgrading your current phone or breaking away from your current contract to buy another, you may just want to wait a little bit longer. This is about 4 New Smartphone in 2011. The following list of hot new smartphones has something for everybody whether they’re an Android devotee or an Apple addict—but first we’re starting off with the Nokia E6.  

The Nokia E6 smartphone may look like a Blackberry with its QWERTY keyboard and 2.46 inch display (couldn’t have spare that extra .04 inches Nokia?) but that’s where the similarities end.

The phone comes packed with the latest Symbian software, nicknamed Anna, and fits the bill of a business phone to a T. The phone weighs just under 133 grams and has 8GB of memory built in with the capacity to take up to a 32GB micro SD card for expansion purposes. The 8 megapixel camera shoots crisp pictures and 720p HD video (only at 25 FPS though).

However, the big news is the battery life. The 1500mAh monster boasts a month’s worth of standby usage before you have to recharge, making perfect for those business travelers who always forget their phone chargers.

Next up is the Droid Bionic. You’re going to have to wait even longer to get your hands on this handheld though. The official release date has been pushed back to fall 2011. However, latest specs on the phone bill it as a CDMA cousin to the Atrix 4G with a 1GHz Tegra 2 processor and dual-band Wi-Fi. In addition, you’ll get 16GB of internal storage with a micro SD slot if you need more.

 Externally the Bionic sports a 4.3 inch TFT LCD and an 8 megapixel camera with a LED flash. It shoots 720p video at slightly faster speeds than the E6 above (still only 30 FPS) and a gut-busting 1930mAh battery.

Currently the OS is listed as Froyo 2.2 but with the release date being pushed back so far I wouldn’t be surprised if you see that changed before this handheld shelves.
Now, let’s take a look in the Apple camp and examine some rumors about the iPhone 5.

Several sources have confessed to the news wire Reuters that the iPhone 5 will be hitting store shelves in September of this year. That’s slightly later than the summer date that had previously been tossed out of the rumor mill but infinitely more reliable.

These same sources say that it may have a faster processor (rumored to be the A5 that’s currently in the other iDevice of the moment—the iPad). It will also come equipped with an 8 megapixel camera. Almost all of these unnamed sources agree that it will have a much better antennae design. But what’s lacking is anything really revolutionary. Apparently the design of the phone won’t change that much at all from the iPhone 4, with Apple betting there are enough people out there still glued into their 2-year AT&T contract who won’t want to upgrade this year—but just might next year.

It will, most likely, be available in white at launch but fears over the ongoing disaster in Japan have some worried that Apple won’t be able to produce enough of these phones to meet demand. In addition, if push comes to shove, it looks like the company will scrap plans for a simultaneous launch of the next generation iPod.

Lastly, let’s take a look at the quirky and uniquely designed Nokia X7. This little phone doesn’t really look like a phone at all. In fact, it looks like a calculator I once owned.

My first impression of the design though is that I like it. It’s good to see that not every mobile provider in the world is willing to keep cloning the iPhone.

The X7 sports a 4 inch AMOLED screen and an 8 megapixel camera. Like the E6 above, it will run Symbian Anna but it was clearly meant to be the sportier of the two phones. Instead of a physical keyboard, the X7 has a virtual one which is now capable of portrait or landscape orientation.

The resolution (just 640 X 360) is a bit disappointing and so isn’t the 680MHz processor.

But if you’re not asking too much from the hardware you’ll be happy with the phone. It features 720p video playback and can handle a host of multimedia applications though more advanced users will definitely want to look elsewhere.


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