Apple To Release Wirelessly Sync Feature

There is high possibility that Apple has been working to bring a new way to sync files from any PC to your devices must be wireless. Look what we're doing right now to add files to the Apple devices, you must connect the idevices to your computer via a USB cable. The rest is easy and should be understood without further description.

Apple to release the wireless sync feature in September

If the physical connection makes you feel bored and eat your time, and then another new way must be considered and developed. The first sync needs to import a large number of files, applications and videos, subsequent synchronizations are sometimes much lighter and much faster.

According to Cult of Mac, the California company working for some time wireless synchronization between devices and IOS iTunes.

This new feature can be revealed as early as next September. The MobileMe service may also have a role to play in sync wirelessly with the possibility of moving some of the files in the cloud. As a reminder, the syncing via Wi-Fi and 3G, whether it is possible to jailbreak IOS devices with Wi-Fi Sync sold about $ 10 in Cydia.


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