Find Lost Keys With Your Android Phone

Any time you could Google your car keys? Well, keep wishing, because that day has not arrived yet. But the Cobra label is the second best option, and can stop wasting your keys in the first place.

The label can be attached to keys, purse, or almost anything that is easy to lose or forget. Then, talk with your Android phone via Bluetooth, and it can do one of several things. You can configure the application - called Halo Telephone - to sound an alarm when the tag goes out of range. If this sounds annoying, then the application can also grab your location when flashing the label signal, so when you realize you have lost something at least know where you left off. This is less useful if you left on a train.

Finally, both the label and the phone can be used to find another case in the range. Press the button on one and another beep.

Cobra label costs $ 60 and the application is free. The Phone application vendor also sells a label Halo ugliest $ 30, and a version of IOS implementation must be in the summer.

And if you do not want to spend $ 60 just to find the keys out of place. Try checking the pocket of the jacket he wore yesterday. No, the other. That's it! You're welcome.


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