RIM in Talks With Hulu, Until then Use a Work Around to Watch Hulu

As soon as the playbook blocks launched Hulu playbook BlackBerry to access their content. On Friday we heard that RIM is in talks to bring mobile subscription Hulu officially BlackBerry playbook.
This means that if you agree that Hulu would cost users a monthly fee. Good news, but not so good if you ask me. All this did not prevent people from finding ways that can work. You have to love the creativity of individuals. A trick that a user is to copy the link provided are in the video and send it to themselves, once the mail is received there is a link that allows you to click and view the video. That sounds a bit complicated but it works. Devin also let us know that he had found a site that has published a code for video search and lets you watch Hulu. The reason this works is that Hulu just check if the browser playbook and blocks, so you are not visiting Hulu directly. Hulu can find a way to block these methods, but until then enjoy content from Hulu, thanks to this creative individuals.

To view the site and the Hulu video search follow this link to your blog.

Theberrytechs boys also have a code search on your site Hulu. Check it out at this link

A tip to make a video full-screen display of your finger to the bottom of the video where it appears the video menu, but do not click or remove the finger hold and drag your finger to the option to make the screen complete and release. This is what has worked for me when the video screen to open a new tab once you click on it.


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