What are their favorite playbook apps?

The playbook has been in the market for almost a week and the launch of the selection application has not been much. Like any new platform that will take time. Critics may put the playbook down for lack of applications? and I say to be realistic what you expected to materialize only in the App Store? With any new platform for application developers gradually adopt it and begin to build over
time. None of the other pills were hundreds of applications available at launch, but were built as people began to adopt the Platform. From the first day of release has been observed that the global application has had more applications added each day. It is difficult to know how many applications are available from RIM have added applications by category, however, but the selection seems to increase steadily as applications get approved. Some of my favorite applications have even seen them change from the first day of release.

What are your favorite applications so far, may include native applications that were created by RIM?

Here are my favorites so far in no particular order



Air Hockey

Need for Speed


Time and HD WeatherEye


360 News

Crazy Gems 2

Adobe Reader

and lastly, but probably my favorite browser with Flash Player for streaming media and navigation.

I'm sure there are a few more out there and have not had the time to check them all out, but the figure we asked to list some of your favorite ?


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