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The first two are designed to work in synergy: The cord winder elegant and aluminum cable. The lanyard is made of a soft rubber flat belt with a clip on the end to connect to any holder of an identification or in this case
Winder aluminum cable with a cloth pouch attached. The host cable reel bag and personal device for hands-free operation (once you created it with his hands, of course). On each side of the neck strap are slots to help keep pesky headphone cables in place and in the back of the bag is an expandable clip reel cable to take over.

The other element is a bag of handmade wool iPhone Merino wool in black or red (ours was the last very smart). While simplisticly chic, the bag does not allow use of the device, only storage. There is a slot in a corner for the device in and out and after quite a few uses I think this will begin to break (ours have). There is no opening for headphone jack, no cut for the lens of the camera and without slot in the bottom of a charging cable. Because of this I think this issue is a bit expensive.

From Evouni.com:

(On the website of the company this item is called the bag, but the package has been appointed as the cable winder aluminum, both listed as item A51)
This bag iPod has an aluminum alloy used earphone cord winder and micro fiber lining inside to keep your iPod touch / iPhone / iPod classic insurance. Wrap the cable around the hook from aluminum to desired length. The bag has a soft touch, the unit is comfortable, and allows hands free use when mounted on EVOUNI elegant neck strap.
Product Features
• Custom fit for iPod touch / iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S / iPod classic
• Terahedron coating interior is perfect for keeping your iPhone and iPod clean and safe
• Handset Cord
• Connection string
• Material: Microfiber
• Color: Black Classic
• Weight: 28.3 g / 0.99 oz Size: 126x81x18mm / 4.96 × 3.19 × 0.71 inches
Like: easy access bag with open top, soft material, cable winder
Likes: cord sold separately
MSRP: $ 33.90

rope style

The rope fits snugly around your neck and shaped for comfortable use. ADO material provides comfort when listening to music for long road trips or exercise. There are headphone cable rings on each side, placed specifically to keep the headphones, so when not in use can be hung conveniently at hand. The sturdy clip connects to a variety of cases, and works well with the number of cases EVOUNI protection.
Product Features
• Zinc alloy clip
• Silicone Neck Strap (ADO)
• The headphone cord eyelet design
• Clips series EVOUNI Protector for iPhone / iPod
Like: Soft, flat material; slots cord keeper
Likes: The lack of color choice
MSRP: $ 18

Wool Handmade Jacket for iPhone

Maintaining a sophisticated look for your next generation iPhone EVOUNI bag of wool. This bag features soft edged comfortable fit for your iPod. Slide in and out, easy access makes this wool cover simple and stylish.
Product Features
• Custom fit for iPhone
• Crafted from Merino wool
• Needle offline and body shape
• Metal plate engraved with the logo
• Material: Merino Wool
• Weight: 12 g / 0.43 oz
• Dimensions: 123x73x15 mm / 0.05 × 0.03 × 0.006 inches (obviously dimensions are displayed incorrectly U.S.)
• Color: Black, Red
soft material, cool style: Like
Likes: The lack of access cuts, price
MSRP: $ 34.90


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