Gear4 Angry Birds iPhone 4 Case Review

Gear4 has released two sets of Birds angry iPhone theme 4 cases so far, and as the images seen so far do justice cases more, we wanted a proper examination.

When one considers the popularity of Mad Bird, a case with our feathered friends do a lot of sense. Gear4 may not be as well known as other Apple accessories manufacturers, but have a great commanding presence in the UK - with their products to appear in many high street shops.

The four birds Angry iPhone case is a hard shell of polycarbonate and is available is the red bird, yellow bird, white bird, black bird, or if you feel rebellious, a green pig too. The transparent plastic container - decorated with falling blocks and logo angry Birds - is great too.

Once out, the case feels very solid in hand. The plastic has almost no flex whatsoever and the rear panel feels quite thick, so it should offer much protection from impact. The top and bottom are open, and volume buttons, mute switch and camera lens have their own courts.

The case is secured to the iPhone 4 using the side panels, where a lip at the top clips of the band of the phone's antenna. This is almost the safest installation that I found, if not move once it is in place and there is absolutely no possibility of release. In fact, it's so good grip is a bit of pain for takeoff!

Well, although this method is the furniture, presents the only downside to the gearbox 4 Mad Birds - no lay-over protection of the table. The front of the phone is almost flush with the sides of the case, so you have to be careful if placing the phone face down on a table.

The artwork angry bird on the back panel is excellent, and be sure to bring a smile to the face of any fan! The colors are bright, the bird of facial expressions Gear4 ground and have resisted going on the top with designs - although I could have done without their logo on the back, or at least could have made a slightly smaller.

What struck us most about the case angry birds was how strong he feels. Instead of being a weak recovery, it really feels like it will protect your iPhone in the case of a fall (although not recommended in any structure wobbly throw.)The glossy finish also seems to be very tough, and looked like new after a trip abroad and the constant use during the last month.

If you're a fan angry birds, this should be all you need persuasion to wrap your iPhone 4 where Gear4. However, at £ 24.99 from Gear4 themselves are not cheap, but if you're quick you can grab one of the original birds red bird, yellow, green pig designs HMV, which are only £ 11.24 at the moment! They also have white bird for £ 14.99.


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