iPad 2 Accessories: HDMI Dongle & Smart Cover Review

Today iPad.net offers a review of two new accessories launched with the release of IPAD 2. If you were wondering about whether or not for this article will help you make better decisions.

If the idea of ​​getting video to your TV through IPAD interests you, then you should consider Apple's latest HDMI adapter. This accessory, priced at $ 39, you will connect directly to your HDTV. It offers a slot for even the dock connector. That said, have the HDMI cable stretched across your living room can make it a little less attractive. However, there is no denying that the adapter works fine without any defects. When a high-definition video from the IPAD was sent to television, there was no problem in transferring content.

The other accessory is awesome clever cover for the Apple iPad 2. Innovative fins act as screen savers and come with a smart pair of magnets attached to the side. With this design, Apple has redefined the concept of tapas. Gone are the days of unsightly straps and hooks on the other hand, smart covers are an ingenious way to use magnets to hold the IPAD two instead.

It can be a bit hard to explain exactly how the Smart work covered. You have to see to believe. It is as if the magnets know exactly where to go and what to do. You are sure to be surprised. These covers are available in polyurethane ($ 39) and leather ($ 69). Another interesting feature of these covers is that when you open or close the flaps, the device automatically wake or sleep, respectively. Smart covers also double as supports for the iPad2. The fins can be folded in different ways depending on how you would like to place the device. The covers also have microfiber lining inside and presumably intended to keep the screen clean. The only drawback I can think is that smart shells provides no protection to the back of the device.

So you have to buy these accessories? The HDMI dongle, yes, if you need to connect your HDTV IPAD. The elegant cover for your IPAD 2, yes, if you like the new, innovative and useful made by Apple and if by magic you can create a force field between the back of your IPAD and the table below.


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