Microsoft announces 'Mango' Phone Windows Update, which comes in the fall (updated)

handle can no longer be a secret in itself, but doubt that Microsoft has created a great event to preview your Windows update, if there was nothing hidden up the sleeve of Redmond. To this end, we just came through a press officer of the company, published in Romanian website. Machine translation out after the break.

Updated: We have traded in the press release English natively. There is also confirmation that indeed Mango is known as your Windows 7.1.

Update 2: It turns out that Microsoft "had to give [SDK] a name" and called it 7.1, so it maintains its formal WP7 Mango nickname.

The first thing to note is that the update is "free access" to all current Windows phones, something that Microsoft has already committed to, and be ready for download (Update "earlier this summer." It seems that our translation machinery betrayed us, forecasts are really saying is the beginning of autumn. ) Of course, the good new is also on the new devices and new partners such as Acer, Fujitsu, and ZTE. New faces join Nokia and partners Dell holders (maybe) HTC, Samsung and LG to expand the ecosystem WP.

A new SDK Beta Windows tools free Phone will be available within 24 hours, we have promised, for developers to sink their teeth.

In the department of communications, Microsoft is introducing topics of conversation that seamlessly transition between MSN Messenger chats, SMS, messaging and Facebook to keep talking to the person, regardless of the method. New pictures of the contact group are input, with the ability to send emails or instant messages quickly to entire groups. Twitter and LinkedIn contact integration is mentioned, but we hope that this goes much deeper in the case of Twitter, as Microsoft has already demonstrated. Speaking of deeper integration, Microsoft has improved Live Tiles to allow dynamic information display applications, which, of course, be able to perform multiple tasks perfectly. Internet Explorer 9 also joins in the fun of Mango with support for HTML5. Jump past the break for all the details.


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