Society for Information Display praises iPhone 4, iPad

I like to imagine that somewhere in Cupertino, Phil Schiller is high fiving Bob Mansfield right now. The Society for Information Display (SID) has announced that Apple has won two Gold Awards: Display of the Year for the iPhone 4 viewing of the retina, and the use of the display of the Year by the original IPAD.

SID (official slogan: "We monitor sample") is billed as "the leading global organization dedicated to the advancement of electronic display technology," so you know this is the kind of group that knows how to party. The awards celebrate shows that "present the greatest degree of technical innovation, commercial significance and possible social impact, among other factors."

Recognizing the display iPhone 4 of the retina, specifically highlighted SID Apple innovation to quadruple the number of pixels on iPhones before, without changing the screen size itself. SID also praised the use of mobile Apple to change in the (IPS), the group said that "reaching a viewing angle than conventional LCD mobile, providing a better viewing experience for the end user in virtually any application . In addition, the group recited a number of other impressive achievements in 4-screen iPhone, at least some of them a kind of understanding:

[His] customized back panel LTPS TFT organic passivation and optimized design of pixels, the user customizable, self-adjusting brightness with ambient light detection, advanced technology IPS 'compensation polarizer high contrast (800:1) and consistency of color, regardless of the direction of view; 8-bit color depth, an ultra-thin, small-footprint controller IC, and patent-pending mechanical integration.
SID praise for the screen IPAD was equally enthusiastic, refers to the technology's biggest IPS device, along with support for multi-touch and all the other things that make iPads magical. Then, partly to show that people really know SID what they do, the group throws around terms like "change of gamma minimized," Amorphous silicon thin film transistor (a-Si TFT) infrastructure " , and the like, and that's when my head started to hurt.

Although I'm sure Apple is happy to have won the praise of law as SID, I imagine that the company is very anxious to hear from the Coalition of the power switches and tactile coveted.


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