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Review of a hard-phone is one of those rare occasions when you want a heavy, thick phone. Sonim Group is exactly that. It is a brick of a phone that makes a loud noise when put down, and no doubt will be aware that while in the pocket.
The phone is encased in a rubber layer which acts as a kind of shock absorber it receives. It does nothing for the aesthetics of the phone, but the Sonim Force takes a certain pride in its rugged appearance. Despite his rubber body of the edges are sharp and defined, which only adds to its aggressive behavior.


Flip the phone over and you'll see two metal screws that need to access the battery disposal. Around the edges of the phone are two ports (one for the charger and one for the headphones), which are carefully sealed, volume keys, a button on / off an impressive bright light (located on the back of the phone ) and a keyboard shortcut that will take you to a list of Java applications, including GPS-based programs and web browser Opera Mini. We have been advocating the inclusion of GPS in cell lasts for some time - a phone that is built for the outdoors should certainly include some kind of mapping service - making it ideal to find a decent offer in the Force .
However, the truth is Sonim Force has included a number of features. It is not the size that you would find on a smartphone, but the inclusion of a music player and two-megapixel camera would have been unheard of in previous incarnations Sonim. You can even download a voice recording application from the Application Manager Platform, with Sonim alleging that will be added over time.

However, as nice as these features are, they are simply a bonus. What is really going to determine whether the purchase of this phone is how it fares in the tough game. Sonim is the first time uses a Gorilla glass screen which is 1.5 mm thick and further promises zero and shock resistance than before. So of course we went on the evidence of this claim.
We approach softly softly when testing the robustness of Sonim Force. The manufacturer claims it can survive a drop of two meters onto concrete. Well, it's being too modest. The phone was not even a scratch on it. Repeat the process, catching the way the phone landed, but the truth is it could have on your box back up and it would have been none the wiser. 
He did so well after he was attacked with a flat-heeled shoe. Stomping repeatedly on the screen with all our weight did nothing to stop some dirty marks that could only be deleted. Our stamping had created a huge racket and then drew the attention of Mobile co choice of work. A colleague asked if he could seal it with her stilettos. "Sure," said he with a new confidence on the phone. Our faith was rewarded, despite the efforts of the colleague.

It's time to up the ante. They took us to our toolbox and found the biggest hammer we had. We must admit we had our doubts as to how the Force would be in this test Sonim. Do not have worried. Six consecutive hits on the screen and nothing. It was as if we had been hitting with a pillow. Feeling a bit humiliated, attacked him again, but then no harm, we sat in awe ofthis bully.
Sonim Group is not only resistant to high heels and hammers though. It is also water resistant. Note that it is waterproof. There are some mobile phones that are waterproof, but can be submerged Sonim Force (supposedly) in water at a depth of two meters. Unfortunately, the pool at the Mobile towers election was being cleaned so settled for a liter of water, and then tighten the screws on the battery cover and make sure that all ports were closed, left the bathroom phone for just over half an hour.
On our return we had the Group of Sonim and low and behold, piercing tone phone (Sonim Force is equipped with extra strong tones - good for outdoor) rang.
five-story fall
Scratching his head in amazement and wonder what else we can do to test your resistance, our eyes fell on the five-storey building under construction on the street.
With Sonim Force in hand, approached and asked one of the construction workers if they wanted to do their worst for the phone. His worst? Hurling (not eliminate) the phone from the top of the building. Surely this would kill him, because this was far superior to the fall of two feet Sonim had been granted to its limit?

As he approached he lay motionless on the concrete road we feared the worst. Do not have worried. OK, so the body had begun to spread around the upper half of the terminal and the upper left corner was a bit scratched, but was still very much a working phone, while the LCD screen was flawless Gorilla. For the sake of decency, let's paraphrase the reaction of a construction worker, but that went something like: '. Cor blimey, it's a hard motherfarmer "
The verdict

And that, frankly, sums XP3300 Sonim Force. While the added features, such as the Internet and GPS are welcome, pure hardness of your father makes this difficult for all phones. When we gave the sample Sonim review argued confidently that this is the hardest phone at all. We are going to second this statement.


Type of phone: Mobile phone
Style: candy bar
Size: 126 x 60 x 25 mm
Weight: 185g
Display: 65,000 colours
Resolution: 240x320
Camera: Two-megapixels
Special Camera features: LED flash
Video recording: No
Video playback: No
Video calling: No
Video streaming: No
Music formats played: AAC, WAV, MP3
3.5mm jack port: No
Handsfree speakerphone: Yes
Voice Control: No
Voice Dialling: No
Call records: Yes
Phonebook: Yes
Ringtones customization: No
Display description: TFT
Website: www.sonimtech.com
Portfolio: N/A
Standard color: Black, Yellow and Black
Launch Status: Available
Ringtones: Polyphonic, MP3
Radio: Yes
Operating system: N/A
Connectivity: USB, A2DP
Announced date: February 2011
What's in the Box: N/A
International launch date: March 2011
Battery life when playing multimedia: N/A
FM Radio Description: FM Radio
Internal memory: N/A
Memory Card Slot: microSD
Messaging: MMS, Email, SMS
Internet Browser: XHTML, Opera Mini, WAP 2.0
E-mail client: N/A
Java: Yes
Games: Yes
Data speed: EDGE, GPRS
Frequency: Quad-band
Talktime: 1,080 mins
Standby: 800 hours
Display size: Two-inches
Keypad: Standard
Audio recording: Yes


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