T-Mobile promises Gingerbread for G2x by summer

One of the least fun games on the Android ecosystem is the game "when the next operating system upgrade?" T-Mobile users G2X have been playing this game for over a month and looks set to be at least a month before upgrading to 2.3 Pan Android comes to the device.

When the G2X was released in April, T-Mobile said users "[not] have to wait long" for the update. In early May, there was a leak in the update of Bread for the phone, fueling speculation that the official update can not be too far away. Now we are in the end of June, and T-Mobile is saying that the plan to update the G2X gingerbread for the summer. " Of course, having no "long wait" and "summer" are not really more specific times can be ordered. The most straightforward interpretation that make it appear that T-Mobile is planning to release the update on June 21, which is the first day of summer, but since T-Mobile did not say that exactly, we can not confirm that it is the expiration date.

T-Mobile promises gingerbread for the summer G2X
We hope, however, that the delay was caused by the change in the update to 2.3.4. The update was leaked earlier this month was for version 2.3.3, but hopefully will be the 2.3.4 update when it arrives, which means that include video chat in Google Talk. Let's keep our fingers crossed that one!

Source: Twitter via TmoNews


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