iPhone 5 Review - You want an iPhone 5?

Are you as excited about the launch of the iPhone 5 as I am? Probably not, because I am writing this center and is reading self (hopefully). I hate to admit it, but somehow I managed to become one of the fangirls Apple is entering the Apple store and spend 30 minutes asking employees of all kinds of super-geek questions.

For one reason or another I've given myself to learn as much about the new iPhone 5 so I could spread this knowledge. What should I exit? The advantage of knowing I'm helping to rid the world of mobile non-Apple retail (HTC cough cough * Evo *).

As if the iPhone 4 was not innovative enough, the iPhone 5 is going to revolutionize the world of mobile phones. Here's why:

One of the biggest benefits of owning a 5 is that new iPhone will come with dual-core processors will make the load at a very fast speed. Not only that, but we will be incorporating even more powerful graphics chip cards, which will provide video images and better still. As if the 20 gigawatts gazillion megapixels in the iPhone and 4 was not enough ...

Now it seems that the new iPhone 5 running on a 4G network (instead of the usual 3G). This means that some network carriers more likely to get a plan of arrangement are Sprint, T-Mobile, and perhaps AT & T and Verizon. But we've all heard many complaints about AT & T's network in the past, so I'm not sure how many people the choice to go with them for the new iPhone.

In fact, one of the reasons behind the increase in jailbreaks iPhone 4 was that AT & T's network had way too many problems with it. Rather than deal with AT & T ended many people jailbreak their phones in hand, a fair deal considering they can get free ringtones, themes, applications, and when you jailbreak your phone.

In addition, anyone who says cell-based Android phones will be able to compete with the iPhone new 5 are completely delusional. Not even be close to the capabilities offered by the new iPhone when you leave.

If you're thinking of buying the iPhone 4, you'd better wait for the iPhone 5 instead, as it should be coming out very soon this year. Here are some of the features you expect:

* It is expected that the new iPhone 5 to have face recognition security so you do not have to worry about others stealing his phone and trying to use ... That is, unless you steal your face too. (Has anyone seen the face off?)
* Video Chat in a 4G network instead of 3G a slow
* Much nicer overall design of the phone body. Will be even thinner and have a shiny black piece.
* Tough and scratch resistant screen
* The lowest model comes with 32GB of space and 64G of memory. I will be able to store all my equipment at the lowest model of the iPhone 5. Yippeee for me.
* Longer Battery Life - Up to 14 hours talk time on 3G hours and 7 in the 4G. With 14 hours of talking with my friends, I'll just have 10 hours to sleep = (
* HD Audio - The sound quality will be very crisp.
* Built in GPS - Never lose or have to download one of those stupid GPS applications.

What will the new iPhone 5 cost? I can not speculate on that, but I'm going to assume it will run over $ 500. It's definitely going to be worthwhile, however, and I can not wait to come out.


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