Apple Smart Cover is good, but weak in real-world use

When I placed my order for the iPad 2, I do not know if I was more excited by the same device, or smart cover I ordered along with it. Apple's video introduction to the Smart Cover was positively drool worthy. After nearly two months with my 2 and a smart IPAD cover, however, I am less convinced of the genius of the cover of Smart. I still love my Smart Cover, but definitely not love.

Viewing Apple promotional video back now, I like almost everything that shows the company's announcement. The cover itself looks good, I went with the green on a whim, but it really would be happy with any color of Apple sells. I like the angle of view of the cover can be folded to create intelligent, and I really like the solid angle which offers to write. (I've tried a variety of cases for the original IPAD, but none came close to matching the angle of joining the iPad case provided.) Smart Cover turns with ease, and with one click. And the smart way to cover your iPad wakes when opened, and puts it to sleep when closed? That's great.

I will say, however, rarely cover can be folded in to write Smart and observation of the triangle as delicate as a hand model in the video. Folding Smart cover in place is not difficult, but I find it a bit awkward in a process that I had anticipated.

But my main complaint with the cover of Smart refer to elements of use that Apple has not included in the promotional video at all. My biggest complaint is that there is simply no better way to fold the cover really smart when you use your iPad in hand. The video shows iPads waking, bedtime, and is used on a table. What happens when I want to keep it Dang?

At first my idea was to flip the Smart Cover the back of the IPAD, just as you would do when reading a magazine. Since I am the right hand, usually take my iPad in the left hand so you can play with the right. And because there are no magnets to keep the cover on when Smart moves to the rear of the IPAD, it does not stick there, just go to bed angry at different angles. I tried changing the celebration of the IPAD in my right hand so I could get smart to keep the lid in place, but I really prefer to let my right hand drive when working with one hand.

Macworld senior aide to Andy Ihnatko approves an accordion fold, he likes the extra thickness allows focus. But I think if I put the IPAD down fast accordion unfolds. I tend to end up folding Smart cover about half after the IPAD, so that magnetically attaches itself to the microfiber side inward approach works, but still feel silly that the failure of flaps folded down if let go, instead of getting somewhere.

My father takes his elegant cover in full each time you use your IPAD 2. Maybe he has the right idea.

But my complaints go beyond what the hell to do with its elegant cover when you really want to use the IPAD. I think the screen facing microfiber is a smart idea because it can clean fingerprints and other accumulated dirt your IPAD. But because the folds of the cover, the micro can not contact directly with the screen. That leaves the screen looking pretty clean, with the exception of three vertical stripes never touches the deck. No big deal, but if this accessory wants to earn your "Smart" nickname, the cover should have been designed with an ingenious way to keep all microfiber color. Because no, I just got my Smart Cover smushing around a few centimeters in all directions when I clean the screen, magnet lock and unlock what I do. This process feels a bit silly.

Finally, just do not feel confident about the degree of protection to cover Smart offers. Apple's marketing text says:

The slim and robust smart IPAD Cover protects the screen without covering its durable aluminum back. So your IPAD still looks and feels like an iPad - only with extra protection.

I do not know how "durable" back to my iPad really is, but I know I have a bit nervous when I throw my iPad Smart Cover-dress in my bag. The case of Apple iPad clunkier was not as cool or easy to apply and remove, as the cover of Smart, but I definitely felt like my iPad was better protected on all sides.

The IPAD naked 2 seems spot. I like the Smart cover only improves the freshness factor IPAD, and still have not found a case that is lightweight, thin and greater magnet, which would protect the IPAD better without some of the discomfort of the cover of Smart. It is quite possible that the cover of Smart is the best we can expect and as I said earlier, I think it really is pretty good. I just wish they were great.


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