Wacom Bamboo Stylus Review

As one of the highest bids in the market, some may accuse Stylus Wacom Bamboo ($ 30) to try to rest on the laurels of pressure-sensitive Intuos its brand recognition of the company and Cintiq tablets have been community favored by digital artwork. But that just is not so.

While bamboo is similar to many other rubber-tipped tools on the market, once you take it, it is obvious how much care and craftsmanship of the company has put in this pen. The pen is perfectly balanced, and I mean well in hand, with the right amount of weight distributed along the metal-framed body. And unlike other well-balanced stilettos I've tried, the people of Wacom Bamboo has succeeded in giving the necessary weight, while keeping it as thin as a ballpoint pen.

This pencil drawing is beautiful, as it uses the same smaller (6 mm), silicone-rubber tip as PPD Kuel H10. But writing takes the prize here, no doubt. I had the opportunity to take notes at various angles without needing to rest my hand under the iPad to be comfortable.

Furthermore, if the procedure is probably not sanctioned by Wacom, you can get even better by removing the shaft angles around the metal needle tip to expose more of the sides of the tip. If you're drawing, this trick is very useful for shading.

In general, I found this pencil to be a pleasure to test, and recommend it highly for those interested in drawing or writing. However, if you are looking for a simple navigation device, or you do not have $ 30 to fly on a stylus, this may not be the tool for you


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