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During the CTIA fall meeting in San Francisco last year, I've enjoyed some early hands on time with the HTC Pro 7. With a full physical QWERTY keyboard, fast processor Snapdragon, and the new mobile operating system, which sounded like a great device.
Fast forward to March 2011 and 7 Pro has made its debut on Sprint as the arrival of HTC. In general, it is a very nice smartphone with some features, but can compete because of their lack of 4G and the price tag of $ 199.99?

Design and Features

The Arrival of HTC device is very handsome, with chrome accents and a metal cover of the battery. It has a 3.6 inch screen, which while functional, is the smallest screen HTC has used in his collection of your Windows 7 devices. It comes in a medium sized box with an AC adapter module, USB cable, headset, and manuals.

The left side of the phone houses the volume control and microUSB charging port, while the right side has a physical camera button and hinges to the keyboard. The headphone jack of 3.5 mm and power button is on top. The Arrival has a hinge that, when activated, brings the screen to tilt. Despite the similarities with the hinge on the HTC Touch Pro2, which has been redesigned and is now visible in the upper right and lower right of the device. The hinge must be enabled in order to remove the battery cover.

Usability and performance

The Arrival is powered by a 1-GHz Snapdragon, and throughout the test, I've been impressed with the performance. Of course, your Windows 7 has multi-tasking (so far), but the device overall is remarkably smooth and easy to operate. Things like pop-zoom in the browser and moving through the menus can be completed very quickly, without delay. As you've probably picked up from your ads, Microsoft has designed Windows Phone 7 as an operating system that is "in and out and back to his life" - ie turn on the device, quickly find what you need, and in turn back off. It is marketed as a complete break with the iPhone, BlackBerry and webOS, which are constantly connected at some level.

Microsoft refers to the home screen tile structure of the menu as "user interface Metro", which is supposed to mean the pictures you see when you exit the metro Seattle area. The Advent is also the first device to initiate the much-vaunted "NODE" update. Among other things, the update adds functionality to copy and paste. Besides the usual Microsoft programs like Xbox Live and Microsoft Office, the arrival comes with some applications such as HTC and Sprint and HTC Hub Sprint area. HTC HTC Hub Sense seems that they may know Android devices, but due to restrictions on Microsoft in the operating system, it is an application instead of a user interface. Sprint is an application area where you can find Sprint TV, access your Sprint account, and much more. TeleNav GPS (formerly known as Sprint Navigation) is also installed on Arrival.

The best feature is reaching the physical QWERTY keyboard with five rows, including a special row for numbers and one for the space bar and symbols in common use. The keys to the island are very tactile and the D-pad works well when working in a great flow of text as a Microsoft Word document. While the hinge feels solid and works well, I do not care what angle it is. Unless the rate while keeping the flat keyboard can be difficult to see the screen and type at the same time. He was constantly writing and changing the screen down to check and make sure that the spelling is correct. Moreover, your Windows 7 is not optimized for a QWERTY keyboard, however, so applications such as telephone, market, and images can not be viewed in landscape mode.

Like the other devices WP7, the Check has a 5 megapixel camera with video recording capability 720p. The image quality is decent, and flash support in low light. When the camera really shines is in the application itself. With a simple motion, you can access the gallery of photos and jump back to the camera in seconds. Editing options include scenes (sports, beach, backlight, candlelight, macro), effects (greyscale, negative, sepia, solarization), resolution (small, 1MP, 2MP, 3MP, 5MP), mode measurement, and flicker adjustment.

The boats come with a 1500 mAh battery, and in my tests, battery life is surprisingly good. With moderate use some calls including text messaging, e-mail from time to time, web browsing and downloading applications, I had the opportunity to get to bed before the device is off. Heavy users may want to pick up a spare charger for the office, but I was impressed. It is certainly better than the HTC 1230 mAh carrying HD7, I had trouble making it through the day.

I tested the Coming to Charlotte and Orlando metro areas call quality was very good. My partners told me I could hear well, and the headset was very strong. Ringtones and other notices are strong, so, I found myself lowering the volume on several occasions. When they tested the device in a Sprint dead in the metropolitan area of ​​Charlotte, who was able to keep the call, despite the usual choppiness. I paired my Plantronics Voyager Pro Plus the phone during the trip CTIA, and was satisfied with the quality of Bluetooth.

Sporting EVDO Rev. A connectivity (3G), HTC Arrival is noticeably slow in the service of data, especially for those used to 4G technologies like WiMAX, HSPA + and LTE. Download speeds were less than 1 Mbps at a time (with some as low as 400 Kbps), which, needless to say, were rather disappointing. Is not usable by any means, but it is expected that some delays from time to time.


The Arrival of HTC is not the best smartphone Sprint 4G. Offers a great set of features, battery life is decent, and the QWERTY keyboard is pretty good. That said, I want the screen was not the case at an angle, and aging of Sprint EVDO Rev. A network leaves much to be desired in front of data. Given that the "raw data" charge now applies to all smart phones - one of the initial drawbacks to 4G devices - there is no reason to go with one of 4G phones. Is also $ 199.99, which puts him in the range of 4G EVO HTC, Samsung 4G Epic, and EVO Shift HTC 4G. Be sure to check at the store before you buy to decide whether the device for you


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