HTC Inspire 4G Review

Review: HTC Inspire 4G offers a refined experience Android, 4.3 inch wide screen and a speed 4G a surprisingly low price.

HTC is the manufacturer's first smartphone to work with Google, and shows his experience. In the past three years, the company has gone from being a very intelligent player in the small space for a leading handset manufacturer with about 10 percent of the market.
A commitment to user experience may be the reason why. The HTC Inspire 4G is the first device company 4G AT & T, but may be the best company Android device to date.
Inspire HTC 4G OffFeatures screen energy and design

The first thing you'll notice about the 4G Inspire is your screen size. through measurement of 4.3 inches, 480 x 800 pixels is very sensitive and seems to be coated to allow easy sliding finger and resist stains (to a degree). Although not the brightest screen we've seen, it is bright enough to see in most outdoor conditions. Above the screen is a very nice easy-press button that also opens the phone.

The rear of the unit is a deep brown color and looks almost conical, rounded to it, although some of the design options are a bit strange. The 8-megapixel camera protrudes noticeably round the back, surrounded by a small rear and a bright dual LED flash. gray patches on the right of the phone, bottom and around the rear LED flash. The background is removed to show a SD card (comes with an 8 GB card) and SIM card slot. If you manage to stick to the side, keeping the battery.

We're a little perplexed by HTC has chosen to ignore a front camera as well, although we assume it was in an effort to keep the unit as small as large as possible. The speaker placement is probably a product of this minimalist philosophy as well. The small rear speaker makes the most of the work, but is easily muffled by his hand or anything that the phone happens to be sitting. Fortunately, the bottom of the unit has a nice audio jack for headphones or external speakers. With a good pair of headphones, the audio from the device is on par with many MP3 players. If only Google could develop a decent audio software.

In general, the unit feels solid and has a decent weight to it. Most of the "negative" most unusual features are really annoying.

Fellow geeks do not worry, we will not forget you. Inspire works with 4G Android 2.2 (Froy), has a screen of 480 pixels x 800, a 1GHz Snapdragon Qualcomm MSM8255 in it, and 768MB of RAM, it will be very useful when you're multitasking. It has 4 GB of internal memory and comes with an 8 GB SD card for music and media. Its battery is rated at 1230 mAh.
Inspire HTC and HTC ScreenAndroid sense 4G

While running Android Inspire 2.2, thanks to HTC Sense, certainly not think so. Every manufacturer likes to modify Android user experience to change the fonts around, playing with the icons, and manipulation of menus, but HTC is one of the few who seems to be a method behind his madness. The vast majority of the changes made in the sense HTC ... well ... makes sense. Since the flip clock with customization options, fun and functional players preloaded on the phone, the features and applications added to Android HTC make it prettier and more friendly to new users. When someone new to smartphones buy a device from HTC, which already has four home screen full of some basic elements that may want to use along with instructions on how to add more and customize your phone. That's helpful.

There is a downside. Although like most of the changes of HTC, the company is venturing a bit too far in some areas. For example, in the 4G Inspire, users can register for a backup of your contacts in HTC service and you can see a HTC app store. This would be great, except Google and back up contacts with their service and you have an Android Market. Having more stores is confusing and strange, especially since HTC offers still feel unfinished. Luckily, they are easily ignored.
Phone functionality

Call quality on the 4G HTC Inspire is great, let's get off the road. We had no problems to take or make calls in New York. Like all HTC Android device, there is a big phone button on the bottom center that brings the pad, and recent calls. The keyboard is great, and its buttons are easy to press. The default Android contacts menu is a bit better than the HTC version, which automatically calls any name you click instead of bringing up a profile page. However, what we are working very well once you get used to it, and certainly looks much nicer than the standard version of Android 2.2.
Applications and Web browsing

Like all Android phones, Inspire 4G comes with the Android Market and a number of applications. The application of the flashlight, calendar updates, applications and music are especially nice HTC and outshine Google products.

That said, we want that HTC would not agree to put applications on the phone that are not removable. A Blockbuster video application comes preloaded in the Inspire and no way to remove it, and there is no way to get rid of some of the applications preloaded AT & T, Asphalt 5 or QuickOffice. It is forgivable to preload applications that do not want, but make it impossible to remove. Last year, the Incredible Droid comes with permanent applications such as Skype that never really stop running in the background and tend to drain the battery. We have not found any battery hogging application running in the background of the Inspire 4G yet.

We tested the Inspire 4G network in AT & T HSPA + 4G New York, but had no luck initially higher speeds. At last count, we have an average speed of just under 1 Mbps download and upload speeds around 100 Kbps - nothing special. However, since 4G costs nothing extra, or seem to drain the battery extremely fast as Verizon's LTE 4G service, which worked pretty well. We have experienced a decent speed most of the time and had no problem downloading a few music albums on the phone and pass on some podcasts and videos in high definition.
Inspire HTC BackCamera 4g

The 8-megapixel camera on the 4G Inspire is solid. HTC cameras tend to get more light than most and autofocus camera before you press or hold down the shoot button, located on the screen. We also liked the HTC Library added effects. Most of them are stupid, but everyone likes to have fun from time to time.

Above all, HTC touch interfaces seem to understand better than Google does. Touching any object on the screen will cause the camera auto-focus on the subject and zoom controls on the left is nice touch too. You just touch your desired level of zoom. Google controls the camera's default, by comparison, are archaic.

The Inspire also can capture 720p video.

This is average for a smartphone. HTC device types 360 minutes of talk time and 15.5 days standby. After a couple of months, will have to charge your phone every day, as we all do, but she looked pretty good, even when there was a lot of GPS data and heavy duty running in the background.

The 4G Inspire HTC Android phone is a fantastic and $ 99 with a two years (half the price of Motorola Atrix) is one of the best values ​​of AT & T. HTC representatives have told us they will get an update very soon Android 2.3, so it will be great. Recently, HTC's stock is valued more than Nokia or RIM. With devices like this and HTC Sense, we can see why.

* HTC Sense is great for fans new and experienced Android
* Under $ 99
* 4.3-inch screen is large


* N first-facing camera
* Speakers are a little weak
* Battery cover is difficult to remove
* Still running Android 2.2


Operating System

  • Operating System (OS) : Android
  • Operating System Release Number : 2.2

Cell Phone Design

  • Trackpad : No
  • Phone Style : Candy Bar / Open Face
  • Phone Size : Large
  • Phone Thickness : Thin
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) : 4.84 in. x 2.68 in. x 0.46 in
  • Weight (w/standard battery) : 5.78 oz
  • Keyboard Type : Virtual QWERTY / Touchscreen
  • Screen Size : 4.3 in.
  • Display : 480x800 pixels
  • Accelerometer : Yes
  • Mil-Spec/Rugged : No
  • Push To Talk (PTT) : No

Camera & Video Features

  • 1080p HD Video : Not Available
  • Music Formats Supported : MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV, M4A (Apple lossless), AMR, OGG, MIDI
  • Streaming Music : Yes
  • Shoot HD/720p : Yes
  • Play DVD/480p : Yes
  • Headset Jack Type : 2.5mm Plug
  • Shoot DVD/480p : Yes
  • Songs as Ringtones : Yes, no file size limitations
  • FM Radio : Yes
  • Camera Resolution : 8 Megapixel
  • Camera Zoom Type : Digital
  • Camera Flash : Yes
  • Camera Lens Type : CMOS
  • Video Recorder : Yes
  • Video Formats supported : MPEG4, XviD, WMV, 3GP, 3G2
  • Video Recording Length : determined by available memory
  • Video Playback : Yes
  • Mobile TV Technology : Streaming

Advanced Features

  • DLNA : Yes
  • Touchscreen : Yes

Cell Phone Specifications

  • Processor : 800 MHz TI OMAP 3610
  • Onboard Memory : 4096 MB ROM
  • Removable Memory Card - Type : Micro SD Card
  • Maximum Memory Card Capacity : 32GB SDHC
  • Removable Memory Accessibility : N/A
  • Photo Caller ID : Yes
  • Speakerphone : Full Duplex
  • Expandable Memory Slot : MicroSD
  • External Volume Control : Yes
  • Service / Support : 1 Year Warranty

Battery Specifications

  • Talk Time : Up to 6 hrs
  • Web Browsing over 3G : Not Available
  • Standby Time : Up to 372 hrs
  • Type of Battery : 1230 mAh Li-Ion


  • Tethering : Yes
  • Micro USB : Yes
  • 3G Data Capable : Yes
  • Wi-Fi : Yes
  • Web Browser : Full HTML
  • GPS : Yes
  • GPS Type : A-GPS
  • Bluetooth : Bluetooth 2.1
  • Stereo Bluetooth : Yes
  • USB Cable : Yes
  • IR Port : No
  • USB Port Type : Micro-USB

Network Technology

  • Technology : GSM 850/900/1800/1900
  • Voice Frequencies : 850/1900
  • Data Frequencies : 850/1900
  • 3G : Yes
  • UMA : No
  • Data Throughput Speed : AT&T 3G up to 7.2 Mbps


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