HTC Trophy is once again teasing at Best Buy, it is not known in a press

Previously, we saw the Verizon HTC brand Trophy to the best shopping website for a brief period before being put down, then we saw a false unity that is displayed outside a Best Buy store, but we are still nowhere near know the first time that Big Red Phone Windows 7 will be released smartphone.

Being a permanent fixture now, HTC is being mocked Trophy once again on the website of the big box store since it is one of the highlights of life. However, the phone still is not offered as an option in your Best Buy Windows 7 lineup. As much as we like to assume that some Verizon customers are curious about the WP7 smartphone, there are plenty of new smartphones in Verizon recently launched to keep people satisfied.

With so many new phones saturate large red sign of recent times, perhaps only for now is holding off to give to other phones for some time in the spotlight?

Source: Best Buy via WP Central


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