Logitech Keyboard Case for iPad 2 Review

Review: IPAD 2 Keyboard Logitech Bluetooth issue becomes the IPAD 2 in a quasi-laptop with a hard keyboard and stand, but does not offer complete protection for travelers awkward.

IPad tablet and the two are quickly sneaking up on laptops as the preferred device for calculating while traveling or occasional use at home. But one of the biggest drawbacks to the functionality of IPAD is the lack of a real keyboard. Write no more than a Facebook status or quick email on the iPad may seem difficult and frustrating. Logitech's new keyboard case for the iPad 2 is to solve this problem by integrating a Bluetooth keyboard and a thin protective box in an article.
IPAD 2 Bluetooth Logitech keyboard side ViewThe Logitech idea behind the case is solid. Why is a case for IPAD 2 and a separate Bluetooth keyboard when you could combine the two in a slim fitting? The case is the thin part down. I just add volume to the IPAD 2 when doubled in the case of the aluminum keyboard. Keyboard setup is quick and easy, requiring only a button press on the keyboard and select the device in the configuration of your IPAD 2. After that, the keyboard is connected via Bluetooth and you can start typing.

While the keyboard is not full size, which has buttons that feel good like those of a real keyboard. The buttons are a bit narrower and click on two cards at once a couple of times, but for a travel keyboard is a comfortable size and better than most. The keyboard also includes hand special function keys that let you quickly return to the homepage of the iPad, cut, copy, paste, undo, redo, and control volume and play list options.

IPAD 2 Keyboard Logitech Bluetooth keyboard AngleThe rear case has a time slot designed to hold the IPAD 2 in vertical and horizontal modes for typing and viewing. To stand IPAD 2 above, you must set a special triangular "hinge" that support the back of the device. Unfortunately, this "hinge" feels cheap and as you can break or malfunction at any time. This also means that your IPAD 2 is by no means secured to the keyboard. Carefully transport or displacement without undoing the hinge and place the IPAD 2 again in the case.

IPAD 2 Bluetooth Logitech CasePerhaps the biggest problem with the case of the keyboard is its function as a case of real protection. While the keyboard includes high density padding to protect the front of the IPAD 2, the case does nothing to protect the back of the device, which is particularly vulnerable to scratches. The less obvious problem is that getting the IPAD both inside and out of the case is less than smoothly. Instructions on how to remove the IPAD two are confusing at first, and the two slipped IPAD when clumsily tried to remove. One false move and you could do damage to your IPAD 2 security instead of protecting it.

The Logitech keyboard for IPAD two functions very well as a Bluetooth keyboard, but not as a protective case. The keyboard is a good size and has additional features that make typing on your IPAD two easier and more convenient. We could see this case useful for travel, since it is lighter and thinner, but the case is serious lack of protection for your device and launch and return of the IPAD 2 of the case is painfully difficult. In general, if you prefer a more secure and separate Bluetooth keyboard to the combination of both.


Easy Sync
* Good size keyboard
* Slim design
* Special Function Keys
* Outdoor Aluminum
* Useful in portrait and landscape modes


* Difficulty opening and closing
* Not sure IPAD
* Does not protect the back of the IPAD
* Cheap plastic hinge


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