White iPhone 4 thicker than black version

After a long wait, the white version of Apple's iPhone 4 finally went on sale today. Color aside, is the same device, only with a white front and back. But reports are coming in that there is indeed a difference between the two versions.

A reader of MacRumors, iLounge, and Ryan Marketcircle cash that published photos of the two side by side, have found that the white version of the device is slightly thicker than the black version. How much? "A hair," said Cash. TiPb blog has a bit more accurate, which measures the difference of "plus or minus 0.2 mm."

Apple shows the depth of the two devices in one box, including 9.3 mm in its iPhone 4 page technical specifications. TiPb, which measures the difference, listed on the white version of 9.5 mm. The increase in depth is said to be small enough not to affect a number of cases both MacRumors TiPb and tested on both devices, although the points of iLounge that the cases set made of hard material could be problematic without .

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether there is a difference in size between the two models.

In an interview with All Things Digital yesterday, Apple's senior vice president Phil Schiller said in making the white version of the iPhone 4, the company found it needed to rework their manufacturing processes to be more durable. This included extra protection against UV rays. "It's not as simple as doing something white," said Schiller. "There is much more that goes both in materials science from the same -. How it holds up over time ... but also how it all works with sensors"

The white version of the iPhone sports a version 4 clearly visible from the proximity sensor, which is just above the upper speaker grille. In black models, this is a detail that disappears with the rest of the deck. Earlier images of white iPhone 4 had the sensor appears as a fine mesh of points, similar to the way the lights hide company reporting on their laptops.

Other small changes include iLounge collected by the ports for headphones and a dock on the white version of color is treated with Apple chose to use a gray plastic material, presumably to blend better with the headset package adapters for enterprise and base.


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